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>> this has got to stop. >> bret: that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced, and unafraid. "special report" online starts right now. captions by closed captioning services >> shepard: the debt debacle the threat of a credit downgrade is very real. stock sell off is very big. speaker boehner says a dirty word trying to get republicans in line. tonight, the standoff in washington. plus, the moment of the norway explosion caught on tape the blast shook the store and sent people running into the streets. [sirens] of course now we know that was only the beginning. and before the day ended, dozens would be dead. tonight, remembering the victims. and is this man planning yet another attack from behind bars?
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smile for the cops. >> look in the camera and in a matter of seconds a true identity in all of the criminal record comes back. >> it really has been a game changer. >> shepard: tonight, how police are using facial recognition to confirm your i.d. but, first from fox this wednesday night, never in this nation's history have we faced anything quite like this. make no mistake the politicians have created this crisis that could sink our nation's credit rating. six days to go until the deadline to raise the debt ceiling, officials are warning they may not be able to pay all the country's bills. interest rates would no doubt go up, meaning we would all pay more for just about everything. wall street figured the unthinkable was impossible but no more. the dow plunged again today almost 200 points in this session alone. nasdaq and s&p off bigger percentages. wall street's worst day in two
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months. today, the house republicans pushing ahead with speaker boehner's plan to raise the debt limit for about six months. the crisis of our leaders making causing civil war in the republican party. the tea partiers and others on the right going rogue. telling speaker boehner or speaker boehner telling them really to quote get your asses in line. his word. it's not just house conservatives protesting this plan. >> we have the boehner proposal on the table. it will cut in connection with year $1 billion. [boos] >> we are spending a billion dollars an hour virtually. that is insignificant and not meaningful reform. >> shepard: the analysts say the bill's chances are looking a little better in the house of representatives. more conservative republicans say they may vote yes after calling for bigger spending cuts initially. what changed their minds? we are told the g.o.p. leaders
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met with lawmakers last night according to the reporting of the "the washington post" they showed this clip from the movie the town. >> i need your help. i can't tell you what it is. you can never ask me about it later. i'm going to hurt some people. >> whose car are we going to take? >> shepard: thanks, hollywood. >> after watching the scene allen west reportedly said i'm ready to drive the car. but even if he does the senate promises -- the president threatens a veto. we have borrowed the money. we have spent the money. and if we don't pay back the money, the cost of borrowing the next time goes up. for the government, and all of us. mike emanuel live on capitol hill. senate democrats say speaker boehner's bill will never get to the president's desk. >> shep, tonight all 353 democratic senators signed a letter to speaker boehner according to a leadership source. in it they say they will not support the boehner bill.
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earlier several key democratic senators teed off on the boehner plan. take a listen. >> the chamber -- put out a letter saying vote for it they know it doesn't solve the problems. nobody believes that the boehner problem is anything more than a big wet kiss to the right wing. >> the speaker's plan is on life support and it's time for him to pull the plug. we need to move on to other plans that actually have a chance of passing. >> among the items senate democrats do not like about the boehner plan the short-term extension so this would come up for a vote in early 2012. their message to the speaker your plan will not pass, shep. >> shepard: late today speaker boehner met with tea partiers to ask for their votes. how did that go? >> well, we found one of the key freshman after the meeting. we asked her to give us a little indication of what the speaker's message was like. take a listen. >> you ended the entire meeting with saying you would love to
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have our votes and support throughout. this recognizing we truly need to move this ball forward. we have a date in front of us. we certainly beyond that date have no idea what the ram ramifications are going to be on this economy. we are in a very volatile situation. it's an important vote and every member needs to be confident. >> congressman woman notes that she'll vote for the plan. the plan needs 217 in the house to pass. i should point out the congressional budget office did an analysis of the new plan that was revised since last night. it says that it will cut spending more than it raises the cap, which is a key test for a lot of these republicans, shep. >> shepard: mike emanuel live, capitol hill tonight. thanks. six days from now the white house says this crisis of our lawmakers making will push the nation to an unthinkable sophie's choice, which bills to pay or not to pay. officials say that the options include social security checks, military salaries and veterans' benefits. unemployment benefits and student loans.
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well, now there is a new push for president obama to raise the debt ceiling all by himself without the congress and apparently he could. we're live at the white house. that's coming up moments from now inside fox report. first tonight, police in norway say they started using a mini submarine to scour the water for more bodies from the massacre there. at least 68 people murdered when the gunman dressed as a police officer opened fire at an island youth camp on friday. a woman who helped rescue so. survivors told how a few of the wounded actually refused help. told her to give a hand to those whose injuries were worse. >> some of the said yes i imagine by my own take some of the other ones. some of the girls say help me, i'm dieing, i'm drowning. we got them in the boats. >> just kids dying drowning all because of a bigot who could find no other way to deliver his message of complete intolerance than in the blood of innocent children.
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the man who has reportedly confessed to this crime anders breivik said he also planted that bomb that detonated in downtown oslo. at least eight people died there today we got our first look at the moment that bomb exploded. look at this. surveillance video from inside an electronics store. the force of the blast right there, windows shattering, stuff falling on the floor. also today we learned that bombing and island shooting was not supposed to be the end of the violence and still may not be, because, according to a document posted online, this guy has plans for more murders. team fox coverage on this greg burke in oslo. first "the fox report's" chief correspondent live in new york. this suspect refers to a bonus mission that he could carry out if he escapes prison. >> laid out in manifesto of 1500 pages. in it he says he would stash weapons, ammunition, cash, maps and survival gear before
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carrying out the first attacks. then having carried those out and being sent to prison for them, he would break out of jail and then carry out what he calls the bonus operation which, according to the manifesto, quote, consists of the assassination of three to five primary category b traitors/multicultural lists. prior to his arrests he must inquire basic intel on his targets, picture, address, full name, so that he may execute his operation in a timely and professional manner. the three to five executions combined should take no longer than one to three hours. obviously, shep, norwegian cops are probably working on the premise that he may, indeed, still planning to carry out this so-called bonus operation if he can escape custody. >> shepard: does he let us know who he plans to kill? >> this is interesting, shep. he says in the manifesto that while in prison, he plans to publish a blog naming some of those he plans to target for
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assassination. but, he hopes that simply by naming them those politicians and officials will then renounce their support for muslim immigration. but, also he says, the ones he names will not be the actual targets for assassination when he does escape. another sign of the meticulous and cruel planning that he is willing to put into all of these operations, shep. >> shepard: we have received video of police detonating explosives at a farm the suspect apparently rented. [explosions] >> shepard: second time the cops say they found and destroyed explosives on that very farm. investigators say it appears breivik posed as a farmer so he could order the fertilizer he needed for his bomb. norway's prime minister has now ordered a full investigation into how this massacre happened. team fox coverage continues. greg burke streaming live in oslo. greg? >> hey, shep. well, you know, the prime minister has really come out of this brilliantly.
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he was a target. his party was a target as well. he wasn't particularly popular before all this happened. but his popularity has certainly skyrocketed. he has known a lot of -- shown a lot of the leadership. he has shown a lot of grace under pressure. >> we will not be intimidated or threatened by these attacks. the aim of such attacks is to spread fear and panic. we will not let that happen. >> now, new details about the arrest are coming out today. breivik's weapons were about 50 yards away from him as he put his hands into the air to surrender he certainly didn't want to die, cops almost killed him because so. officers thought he might have been wearing an explosive vest. now, police are vigorously defending their actions last friday. they have been taking a lot of heat about the response time in getting out to the island. their response to that is that no major mistakes were made. they were working under a major bomb blast in the city and obviously that was a problem. however, a review will take
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place. finally, shep, you will remember that breivik was dressed as a police officer on the ferry on the way over to that camp a woman from the camp had some suspicions about him. she was asking him a lot of questions. he appeared nervous. she went up afterwards once they landed to talk to the security guard. she and the security guard, two of the first people killed. shep? >> shepard: greg in new york city today, the sound of a bell pierced the noise of the city streets. this t. was the bell of hope ringing in memory of the victims of norway. [bell tolls] >> that bell in lower manhattan, saint paul's chapel near the world trade center site a gift from the city of london with an inscription that reads, in part, forged in adversity." we have heard it ring after the bombings in london, madrid, moscow and mumbai. today, again, echoing across our concrete canyons. a mournful note for more victims
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of terror. the terrorists who blew up panam flight 103 over scotland walked free from prison a couple of years ago because he was supposed to be dying. didn't work out that way. coming up, what the lockerbie bomber was doing on television. and the international space station costs 10s of billions of dollars to build. why would russia be getting ready to let it sink into the sea? that's ahead from the journalists of fox news ahead on this wednesday fox report. also get a free flight.
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that just makes the stories even better. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. add some style to your sink, with this moen banbury faucet for the new lower price of 79 bucks. >> shepard: it's now been four months since the start of the not war in libya. the country's leader has yet to give up. today a new show of defiance, the only person ever convicted even attended a rally in colonel qaddafi's honor. as you probably recall he was supposed to be dying or even dead by now. that's he in the wheelchair
4:16 pm
there you see, back in 2009. >> the scottish government set him free after doctors say he had just months to live. the 1988 panam bomb something still fresh in the minds of many americans, an attack which killed 270 people. many of whom were u.s. college students jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon. nearly a billion dollars spent. parties with the panam bomber. what is the goal of this war now again? >> natal toe has carried out more than 16,000 air strikes since march 31st, shep, it is not clear what the plan is what they are trying to do is elevate the rebels, to recognize the rebels. here is how the chairman of the joint chiefs admiral mike mullennen describes the conflict can a geography's stores are
4:17 pm
continuing additional pressure has been brought. >> today, britain recognized the transitional national council as the soul representative of the rebels. the british foreign secretary kicked out the ambassador, the libyan ambassador, and he unfroze $150 million in libyan assets he says will be available to the rebels. >> shepard: as we try to figure out what money not to spend what is this not war thing costing? >> the pentagon had budgeted $820 million for the war that was supposed to last for just days according to the president. the pentagon estimates it will cost another $100 million a month through september but again, there is no end in sight. here is the chairman of the armed services committee. >> we know it's costing us between 2 and $3 million a day now. we probably spent over a billion dollars there. or close to it i have no idea where the end is.
4:18 pm
>> and then you have muammar qaddafi, you have the panam bomber still in tripoli yucking it up with no send in sight according to the chairman of the armed services committee. >> thank you. the hotel housekeeper who claims the former super stardom nick strauss-khan tried to rain her today met with prosecutors in new york. the accuser's credibility is in tatter because he lied about her taxes and background and has financial ties to a convicted drug dealer. attorneys for dominique strauss-khan who was once head of the international monetary fund and a shoe in as one of the cop candidates for french presidency continued to say all charges should be dropped. a judge has thrown out a lawsuit that challenges federal funding for embryonic stem cell research. the suit claims the research violates the ban on tax dollars financing work that harms human embryos. the policy only allows research on existing embryos and will not destroy any new ones. lawyers behind the lawsuit say they are looking at all options
4:19 pm
for an appeal. the suspected leader of a polygamist cult now set to go to trial on two sexual assault on a child. he is speaking out and saying that the evidence in this case will shock the world wait until you hear what we have heard so far. is it full-time nor instant replay for the national past time? when you see this call, it's possible you will rethink it. t . the volkswagen autobahn for all event is back. right now, get a great deal on new volkswagen models, including the jetta, awarded a top safety pick by the iihs. that's the power of german engineering. hurry in and lease the jetta s for just $179 a month. ♪
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>> shepard: new details tonight in the case against the polygamist cult leader warren jeffs the man who once graced the most wanted list alongside usama bin laden. a woman claimed in 2001 when she was but 14 years old this leader
4:23 pm
of sorts, prophets jeffs forced her to marry and have sex with her 19-year-old first cousin. now he is accused of sexually assaulting two underaged girls himself who he later married. opening statements for the trial set for tomorrow. today a judge blood a major blow to the defense. lawyers argued a 2008 raid on zion ranch based on false information. the judge said the police acted in good faith and refused to exclude the evidence that they collected. trace gallagher with the news live in the west coast. we are hearing from that woman, i guess, who made that earlier claim against warren jeffs. >> and she says, shep, the evidence in this trial will open the world's eyes and shock the world. she is alyssa wall. she is now 22 years old. you pointed out when she was 14 she says that warren jeffs forced her to marry her 19-year-old first cousin. she brought charges against him and she won. he was convicted that conviction was then overturned. she says she was eventually able to break free of the
4:24 pm
fundamentalist mormon church but she says it was a struggle. listen. >> many team don't understand that the people within these closed communities can't just walk out of them. it takes a choice. you are going against your entire life. everything you have ever known. and because of the religious rhetoric we have had, we often believe that we're dammed to hell by making the choice to leave that community. >> we should also point out, shep, the fundamentalists mormons have no connection whatsoever to the mormon church. >> shepard: jeffs, the allegation is, is still controlling his followers from jail? >> yeah. the sheriff in the texas jail where he is staying says that over the past five months that warren jeffs has spent no less than $23,000 on phone cards. and. believe that he is actually calling his followers directing them and getting them orders over the phone. alyssa wall says he has a very firm grip on his followers. listen. >> they will always continue to
4:25 pm
believe him until he either i dos or something else happens. because it goes against their religion and their entire faith for them to denounce him. >> and if warren jeffs is convicted, many believe his status will be elevated because then he will become a martyr, shep? >> trace, thanks. a controversial call at the plate last night in atlanta. today setting the sports blogs on fire with debate over whether major league baseball should bring in the instant replay. look at this. it's the bottom of the 19th. yes the 19 in the a marathon pirates braves games. the braves got infield hit see there. threw it home. catcher appeared to make, look at that safe, the catcher is stunned what the heck, as the pirate's manager ran on to the field to argue. here is another look at the tag, watch coming up here. on closer inspection, it looks to me, what do you think that he never got the runner, he got the run he and he missed the gloves. do you think he touched the home base here? look, no. he didn't. he is safe.
4:26 pm
see here? look at this where is the plate? where is the foot? not safe. silly. i guess it was the 19th inning and the ump was ready to go home. i don't know. house republicans getting closer on a vote to raise the debt limit. the white house says it's a waste of time. and some democrats claim the president can prevent an economic catastrophe without the help of congress at all. we're live at the white house with an update on that. plus, police charge a town official with attacking a disabled man and wait until you hear why. bottom-of-the-hour headlines are just ahead. this is the evening news from the fox news channel. of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more amecans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... f greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them.
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>> shepard: the international space station could be hurdling toward a watery grave at the end of this decade if russia has its way. in an interview posted at the russian space agency's web site a top official there says the country plans to sink the space station in the pacific ocean in the year 2020. the official says russia and its partners had agreed it cannot stay in space beyond that date. but sources at nasa appeared in congress tell they know nothing about any concrete plans to shut down the station in 2020. i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. six days to go now until the feds say max out the national credit card. and this crisis of your lawmakers making. a live look at the place where they work, forecasting, unquote.
4:31 pm
where the house rules committee is meeting now. lawmakers getting ready for tomorrow's vote on speaker john boehner's plan to raise the debt limit but the white house accusing republicans of wasting time with a bill that, quote, has no chance of becoming law, unquote. some top democrats are now calling for the president to go it alone. raise the debt limit himself without the okay from congress. so how do you do that? ed henry, our chief white house correspondent live there tonight. 14th amendment option, right? >> that's right, shep. basically says that the public debt of the united states shall not be questioned. some democrats prodding this president say look, in just jump in and do it unilaterally. jay carney shot it down. they don't think it's legally sound. number one, number two they don't think there is any easy escape hatch here. congress has to work this out. people on wall street saying there is another way out there. is more cash in the coffers, that there is not really an august 2nd deadline. well, no. actually treasury department came out today, said that tax receipts in june and july were
4:32 pm
normal. so they basically said that next tuesday they hit the wall. take a listen to jay carney talking about the stakes. >> they are so convinced that this is all made up. you know, buy and hold, see what happens? call your members of congress don't worry about it. i mean, honestly, it's just a false argument. it is the gorilla dust that i talked about. this is real and dangerous. >> now, a senior official told me that the president spent a good chunk of his afternoon on the phone burning up the phone lines to capitol hill but still no break through, shep. >> shepard: it's my understanding and maybe you can confirm that pigs didn't fly today but that john mccain and the president are on the same team with something. >> it came pretty close, shep. i think you are right. this is unlikely pairing to see the least. interesting, the white house has been pushing this message that look, they have given in and
4:33 pm
compromised a lot on spending cuts. the republicans in part because of the tea party have not given an inch on taxes. well, who made that argument essentially for the white house today? john mccain, citing an editorial in the "wall street journal" owned by our patient company as well, news corps. take a listen to john mccain. pretty interesting. >> the tea party could return to middle earth having defeated morador. this is the kind of crack political thinking that turned sharon angle and christine o'donnell into g.o.p. senate nominees. the reality is that the debt limit will be raised one way or another and the only issue now is how -- with how much fiscal reform and what political fallout. >> john mccain saying look both sides, let's cut this out. let's figure it out. jim cooper has spruced a bill that will get everyone's attention. if the country goes into default he says that members of congress won't get their paychecks and
4:34 pm
won't get the money retroactively if the country comes out of default. maybe that will get their attention. >> shepard: maybe it. will maybe that's the reason for the sirens back there ed henry in the white house lawn. good toe sue. thank you. the nation could lose top notch rating if lawmakers do figure a way out of this crisis which they created. in other words, the damage may already be done by them. keep in mind, a credit downgrade will result in higher borrowing costs that could add billions of dollars to the national debt. executives from two top credit agencies told the lawmakers today there is a chance that the u.s. can hold on to its a.a.a. rating but it will hinge on final proposal from congress. rich edson from the fox business with us both democrats and republicans have proposals on the table but neither one of the proposals apparently meets what they want. >> well, they are not really endorsing anything here, shep. democrats and republicans could use an endorsement, though these extistles are unwilling to provide one. in fact, a recent report cited sources at standard and poor's giving senate majority leader
4:35 pm
harry reid's proposal support. this morning, the agency's president denied that. >> congressman, i think we were misquoted, we do not comment on any specific plan or the political choices or policy choices being made. we are just commenting on what is the level of debt burden, what is the level of deficit that must reach the level to -- >> executives refused to give a specific number on how much the u.s. needs to cut deficits to keep its top credit rating, shep. >> shepard: mentioned irhigher borrowing costs for the government. it's really higher borrowing cost for every run of us? >> it depends on how investors react to a possible downgrade. if the government pays more to borrow, that can spread to the rest of the economy. americans signing up for mortgages with credit card balances with, borrowing money to buy a car to go to school may all pay more in interest. and when the government spends more money to borrow, that's more taxpayers have to spend on interest and less they have to spend on governmentselveses. back to you.
4:36 pm
>> shepard: rich edson live in washington. thanks. kids in memphis will actually go back to school on time next month. that's the word from the board of ed. it's news because last month the threatened to delay the first day of school indefinitely if they didn't get the $55 million that the city opened them. last night they approved a payment plan to let the schools open on the 8th of august. the city council still has to sign off on the deal. officials say that should happen next week. memphis where shelby county schools and city schools merge together we will see how that works. elected official faces charges after police say he shoved disabled man over a fight over a parking space. top story fox trip across america. massachusetts. the 53-year-old victim reportedly told police that member of the town planning board was parked in two handicapped spots at a restaurant south of boston. the disabled man claimed that when he tried to take a picture of the vehicle, the guy shoved him and slapped the cell phone right out of his hand. >> scared the hell out of me. he is not a small person.
4:37 pm
and i'm not used to getting into bar fights. >> police charging the suspect with assault and battery and more. arizona. police say a man used a wheelchair as part of his disguise when robbing a bank in phoenix. the suspect pulling a gun. after the robbery reportedly leaving that wheelchair behind as he took off on foot: louisiana. bones that reno investigators found in an old sealed off bank chimney solving a 27-year-old missing persons case southwest of baton rouge. police say they are the remains of a 22-year-old wanted at the time for possessing a stolen car. cops say they suspect no foul play and that the case is closed. texas, a judge shutting down an establishment that dallas police call a sex club. the man who ran the place claims it's a religious ministry but undercover cops say they witnessed strippers, pornography and much more and that's a fox
4:38 pm
watch across america. >> when the begin towers crumbled in the attacks of 9/11, heros were born. a group of brave americans ran towards the wreckage to search for survivors. some of those responders say their work at that site on those days left them with a deadly disease. now another hurdle in their effort to get help from the government. think the government is going to help the heros of 9/11? wait until you hear this. plus, hurricane season has been pretty uneventful, right? we find the best, sweetest crab for red lobster we can find. yeah! [ male announcer ] hurry in to crabfest at red lobster. the only time you can savor three sweet alaskan crab entrees all under $20, like our hearty crab and roasted garlic seafood bake
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technology to learn and play on-the-go. only at verizon. android powered. playstation certified. the xperia play by sony ericsson. only $99.99. >> shepard: lawyer confirms the meetings will take place august the 24th in d.c. this stems from the hacking scandal at the now shuttered
4:42 pm
news of the world tabloid owned by fox news parent company news corporation. a united paper in the united kingdom unnamed sources accused journalists trying to get the phone records of 9/11 victims. last week a spokeswoman says no evidence of staffers hacking victims and she said that the report was based on a anonymous speculation. but it is still drawing attention. today the texas congresswoman sheila jackson lee released a letter in which she released a letter that the homeland security committee suggest hacking allegations continuing coverage on fox news. new government report claims that folks who breathe in the toxic dust on ground zero at 9/11 some of whom got sick. some of whom got cancer all of whom are heros do not qualify for federal money for cancer treatment because as the report goes on to tell us, there is little evidence of a link between the deadly disease and the clouds of chemicals and debris. as you probably know, many
4:43 pm
seemingly very healthy 9/11 first responders have contracted cancer since the attacks and some of them have died. and now the number of those first responders, their families, and each lawmakers are blasting this new report. and rick leventhal has details of it. there seems to be plenty of surprise and outrage at this decision, especially from the victims. >> of course. and consider. this heart disease is the number one killer in america. but cancer is the leading cause of illness for illness related deaths of first responders to ground zero at double the national rate. these are people who race down to the scene after the 9/11 attacks. spent months in the debris, breathing these toxic fumes and now the ones who are still alive can't get compensation for their treatments. one of them is a verizon worker there on 9/11 and every day thereafter. he developed a rare form of nasal cancer. only one in 40,000 people get it doctors told them direct result of exposure to toxic fumes at the site. >> the problems that i have
4:44 pm
today, i don't have hearg in my left ear. i don't have smell. i don't have a taste. i don't have a saliva which creates a lot of my penalty issue problems. and i have a lot of issues. >> he says the decision not to include him in the victim's program is a slap in the face, shep. >> shepard: but this isn't a done deal? what request happen now? >> well, the world trade center program will do periodic reviews for the cancer as new reef search and findings are released, so they could, in fact, start providing restitution, somebody $4 billion in health care funding approved for first responders could eventually go to first responder victims. 2012. in the meantime some of these people have to pay thousands of dollars a month out of pocket. victims do have a chance to speak out. a number of town hall meetings scheduled around the new york area. the head of this fund. a detective told her the fund cares more about people with exactly he said acid reflux than
4:45 pm
cancer. they are hoping for restitution. >> shepard: what a mess. rick leventhal, thank you. update us. we have been following the rebuilding of the world trade center site for rise of freedom. complex will include a national 9/11 memorial and museum. future museum is now home to this cross. construction workers say they found these two steel beams standing just like this in the wreckage of the twin towers. there is now a legal battle over placing the cross inside the national 9/11 museum is constitutional. we will have the story tomorrow night here on "the fox report." you can see the entire rise of freedom series on the web site fox one of the most storied hospitals in american history closing its doors after more than a century of service. walter reed medical center in d.c. has treated hundreds of thousands of troops since its founding way back in 1909. brave men and women of all branches wounded in battle before world war i all the way up to the current wars in iraq and afghanistan and the not war.
4:46 pm
walter reed's doctors have also treated a number of u.s. presidents, lawmakers, and foreign leaders. in '07, a "the washington post" investigation revealed that many wounded troops had been living there in horrible conditions. two years earlier a government commission had voted to close the medical center and consolidate operations with the military facilities in nearby maryland and virginia. at a ceremony today, the army secretary john mchugh said walter reed has always been not just a hospital but an inspiration. >> here it's impossible to walk away without having been uplifted by the determination, the shear grit of those who are under the care of the professionals at walter reed. those warriors, those heros who have endured traumatic injuries and often horrific pain. yet, through all of that, maintain their fighting spirit, the spirit that has always been the heart and soul of the american soldier.
4:47 pm
>> shepard: the handover set to be fully complete by september the 15th when the state department and the district of colombia take over the campus. that big heat dome still blasting central and southern plains today and advisories and excessive heat warnings in 11 states. forecasters warn there is more harsh weather on the way. and something new in the tropics rick reichmuth. what the in the world is going on. >> three named storms this season haven't really gotten any attention because they haven't affected anybody. not the case to the north of yucatan peninsula this afternoon becoming our fourth named storm of the year. this one is don. the track of this one pretty consistent that we are going to be feeling the effect of this across the u.s. border. by tomorrow afternoon here across the gulf by friday afternoon. says thursday it, should say friday talking about a storm very close here somewhere between galveston down towards brownsville, shep. >> shepard: they have got a bad drowlt down there. >> the worst they have ever had. dryest ever seen on record. they're going to get rain out of
4:48 pm
this. drought everywhere in texas. notice around the houston area this model bringing good rain across houston areas just east of that and i think we will be seeing more make its way to the center part of the state by the time we get to saturday. >> shepard: possible insurgents in iraq and afghanistan, now making its way to dozens of police departments nationwide. that's raising some serious concern among privacy advocates. we report, you decide next. plus the father of amanda knox, that american student convicted of murder in illustrationly believes his daughter could soon be free. foxy knoxy details just ahead. there's more barbeque time in every bag of kingsford charcoal. kingsford. slow down and grill. ♪ ooh baby, (what) can i do for you today? ♪ [ feme announcer ] need help keeping your digestive balance?
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>> shepard: controversial crime fighting tools. gearing up to use facial recognition devices that come with eye scanners. cops can snap a suspect's
4:52 pm
picture or take a virtual fingerprint of the eye but some folks have privacy concerns. obviously and fear the cops might misuse those gadgets, jamie colby here. >> how does this thing work, jamie. >> this is a very cool development for law enforcement, shepard. already used by our military. in september it's going to be more widely available. take a look how it works. it's very easy. used in the field. officer can take a shot of the face, of an eye or they can take fingerprints, actually now in the field which is a new development. it gets condition ask ad and immediately checked against a growing data base of criminal records. the cost, $3,000. >> you don't need to know their name, their date of birth, their social security number. you don't need to know anything. you simply need to ask them to look in the cam rand in a matter of seconds their true identity in all of their criminal record comes back. >> we talked to a sheriff from massachusetts they already have a table top version of this device. he says it's not only game changer for them but it's actually going to be the fingerprints of the 21st century. they are very excited about it? >> i'm sure they are. privacy advocates are not so
4:53 pm
excited. they are worried about abuse. >> remember when the tsa full body scans came out? i know how you love those, shepard. the problem with this one is that they say it can't amount to an illegal search without a warrant. >> we think there should be some rules and regulations in place that governor exactly how the police use these things so that they can be used when it's appropriate, when the police have probable cause that you have submitted a crime. but that they don't start using them all over the place, sort of a generalized surveillance tool. >> the courts haven't decided whether or not it is illegal search. one feature of it that might calm privacy concerns is once the shot is taken and it's matched or cleared already getting into this into the consumer. amanda knox says the testimony in this case describing what is
4:54 pm
described as a sex screen. tainted the d.n.a. evidence. prosecutors base much of their case on that d.n.a. now amanda knox's father says the expert's testimony proves his daughter is innocent. >> a cap to what we have always known in fact innocent and had nothing to do with this. but to have court appointed independent experts bring forth the fact that it's unreliable evidence really hopefully is the next step to coming home. >> knox's appeal on this saturday. well, check out this guy. i mean, is he looking for something or did he just forget how to walk? an explanation for the legs coming out out of the sewer in a minute. so how about this weekend we learn some new tricks of the trade...
4:55 pm
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4:58 pm
is recovering tonight after emergency crews had to yank him out of a storm drain. not the most flattering photo here. this is what it looked like when the guy wedged himself into an 18-inch wide storm drain. he says he was trying to retrieve his cell phone. cops say the guy was drunk. either way the local reporter who reenacted the stunt did not have any such excuse. >> just about everybody is wondering how did this guy get into this storm drain. you can see that it is very heavy just trying to pull it off. and then look at the diameter. it's not that big. i can get my hands down in there but i don't know, oh my head, and my soldiers, yeah. that's how he got in. >> shepard: that's fascinating. she made it out without any rescue crews. updating a couple of top stories now. lawmakers have just six days to come up with an agreement on the nation's debt crisis. one they created. the stalemate on capitol hill hitting the markets hard.
4:59 pm
the dow off 200 today. new surveillance video shows the moment the bomb exploded outside the government building in norway. one of two deadly attacks there on a day when 76 people were murdered. and on this day back in 1942, the soviet dictator joseph stalin issued his infamous order 227. any soldier retreating from the battlefield will be shot on site. stalin was never one to minutes words. when he gave an order it was on order never a suggestion. in an attempt to boost morale and prevent dissessions stalin famously declared not one step backward. and he commanded his officers to liquidate panic makers and cowards on the spot. stalin's enforcers executed thousands of his own troops before the red army finally repulsed the german advance. but uncle joe laid down the

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